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Is Arbitrage Robot for you?


I recommend that you check whether the product is for you before leaving the page or reading further.

All you need to use is a computer or mobile phone and an internet connection. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge because the Arbitrage Robot does all the trades for you automatically. If you are in one of the groups below, the Arbitrage Robot is exactly right for you.

People who are interested in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency but didn’t dare to take the first step due to a lack of correct information and guidance. We have a gift for you in the Bonus section!

Those who have opened a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency account have traded a few times but have not succeeded. You didn't have the right information and the right tools, so, don't worry, just keep reading the page!

Long-runners (Hodlers) in the crypto world, partially worked in 2017 and before, but we all know that this is not the case anymore. Don't get caught up in a 95% depreciation, read on and discover how real earnings are made in the crypto world!

Advanced Traders; Here is my favorite group :) When it comes to crypto markets, the best crypto traders understand the importance of a good utility tool that works right. So, on one side there is a knight on his horse with super armor and a gun (a crypto trader using quality software), and on the other side there is a man with a slingshot (a small investor who seeks an opportunity), guess who wins??? Of course, the slingshot man lol. Joking aside, you haven't seen this before, please read on and you will understand!

Regardless of which field, from which group, from what level of knowledge and equipment, if you want to achieve success in the cryptocurrency markets, you are in the right place, there is something I have prepared for you. Just read on!


Hello, I am Ali Sermet Taşdöğen, I am the creator of the Arbitrage Robot and the founder of Arbitrai, the technology startup that offers artificial intelligence and robotic solutions in financial markets. Before I continue, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

Aside from the fact that I had heard and ignored information on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies several times before, my first meeting was in 2017 during my travels abroad.

At a time when I had to make an urgent money transfer, I discovered that the easiest and most reliable way to make cross-border money transfers was to send cryptocurrencies. That made me pay attention to this area.

Another point that caught my attention was that cryptocurrency trades are made in the cryptocurrency exchanges that are specific to this area with pricing that takes place under completely free market conditions. In other words, traders who traded in a crypto exchange enabled the price of the relevant crypto asset to be determined in that crypto exchange, which naturally caused the same asset to be bought and sold at different prices on different cryptocurrency exchanges.

After I opened an account on a few cryptocurrency exchanges and got my first Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, I had a really lucky time. Those who remember the bull season of 2017 will understand my point because Bitcoin prices were doubling every month. Many altcoins were even crazier - you could often come across altcoins making a 400-500% profit per month. I made my first cryptocurrency investment right in the middle of that crazy bull season.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were a major revolution. And I was right in the middle of the era of the greatest asset transfer ever experienced in the entire human history and this time I thought I was on the right side.

The value of my investments was constantly increasing every day, this caused me to focus even more, and soon I’d realized that I could profit from the price differences of the same cryptocurrencies between different cryptocurrency exchanges.


For example, 1 Bitcoin price in an exchange A could be $5,000 and 1 Bitcoin in exchange B could find buyers at $5,500. Yes, I saw many arbitrage opportunities with 10% or more differences and, of course, I did not miss these opportunities. It was very simple to do, you sent dollars to crypto exchange A and buy Bitcoins from that crypto exchange, then transfer this Bitcoin to crypto exchange B and exchange it for dollars (or other fiat coins such as Euro, TL) and withdraw your money to your bank. If there was still a difference the next day, you would restart the same arbitrage cycle.

Sounds like easy money, right? Yes, it was really easy money and you were making great money with a few simple transfers and trades, as the bull season continued at full speed, your assets gained value too. So I was double earning.

When I woke up every morning, my first job was to check the Bitcoin price, and when I saw the rising prices, a wide smile would spread across my face. You can more or less guess the dreams I had of a beautiful house by the sea without the need to work for a lifetime, a luxury sports car (preferably a Lambo) and a world tour where I could go wherever I wanted :)

Unfortunately, after a few months, all this tulip bulb craze came to an end, December 2017 arrived, and I was definitely not ready for this "Black December".

At first, Bitcoin prices were about to reach $20,000 and then suddenly fell sharply. Although altcoins resisted a little, they joined the bear season within a few weeks. Winter, which was thought to never come, had finally arrived, and unfortunately, it would take longer than anyone could ever imagine.

The Long Winter is Beginning

The bear season was really hard. The Bitcoin price was going down 5-10% every day, you naturally thought it was a buying opportunity, but the bears did not intend to stop at all. In altcoins, the situation was much worse and 20% daily melting rates were normal. I witnessed many altcoins that lost up to 95% of their value in this long winter.

#HODL wasn’t working as before, and we were all alone in the dark crypto world where you can find plenty of coin shills, exit ICOs, marketers of useless indicators, signal seller technical analysts, pump dump groups, and all kinds of scammers… There was only one way out of this dark world, which was Arbitrage…

Despite the trend of the continuing decline in crypto prices, arbitrage opportunities continued for a few more months. As I routinely did, I transferred money to the market (crypto exchange) where Bitcoin was cheap, and then transferred to the market (another crypto exchange) where Bitcoin was expensive, and then continued to sell.

Unfortunately, Bitcoin price differences began to decrease between the cryptocurrency exchanges as Bitcoin became more popular worldwide and large institutional investors entered the game.

Price differences were still happening. For example, there were significant price differences between global exchanges with a large volume and local exchanges with a relatively small volume, and this was even more in cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.

But there was a big problem, there were a lot of competitors, both individuals and corporate traders, chasing these arbitrage opportunities, just like me. Until you transferred from one exchange to another the price gap could close, and then you could even lose money due to the commission and withdrawal fees you paid.

Another important problem was that it was very difficult to manually track and trade these price differences. Imagine, we are only human. How many screens can we follow at the same time? In how many seconds can we do mathematical calculations and take quick action? And can we do these things perfectly without experiencing weaknesses such as fear of losing, greed, fatigue, and distraction? No one could do this job correctly and sustainably, it had to be done by automated robots powered by artificial intelligence.

I thought about this problem for a long time, worked with the world's leading data scientists, AI experts, CTO-level computer programmers and volunteer testers from the crypto ecosystem. In our months of work, we came up with a lot of algorithms, and despite my limited capital, I made very serious investments. Endless tests, unsuccessful dreams, and wasted R&D investments.

But I never gave up, I took lessons from each of my failures and continued to try new algorithms by making the necessary changes.

As All Hopes End


And in one of the moments when despair reached its climax, experiences and improvements from all the negative experiences from the past suddenly came together to reveal the miraculous formula that really works for arbitrage in the cryptocurrency markets.

And as Ali Sermet Tasdogen, who has given conferences in more than +100 Universities, attended many international summits, made 2 TEDx Talks and inspired more than tens of thousands of people about cryptocurrency & blockchain technologies, I present it with great pride...

Let me introduce you to the “Arbitrage Robot” an "Algorithmic Trading" masterpiece that operates on the Cloud System with the power of “Artificial Intelligence” based on the logic of "Value Investment" and with which you can perform 100% fully automated trading with instant Arbitrage on +10 cryptocurrency exchanges and +1,000 cryptocurrency markets.

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The Features Of The Arbitrage Robot

 10+ Crypto Exchanges 1,000+ Crypto Markets

  100% Automated Algorithmic Trades

  No Technical Knowledge Required   Arbitrage in the Same and Different Exchanges
  Runs 24/7  Setting the Profit Margin

  Triangle Arbitrage in different markets such as EUR, JPY, KRW, TL or USD.

 Reverse Trading with Instant Hedge and Profit Realization after the trade.

  Arbitrage Robot runs on your private Cloud Server. Wherever you are in the world, all you need is a computer, mobile phone or tablet with internet connection to use your robot.

The Arbitrage Robot is an advanced arbitrage software that allows you to make trades automatically using your own crypto exchange accounts. You simply connect and run your accounts on the cryptocurrency exchanges you want to arbitrage with your robot. Additionally, you can also make arbitrage within the same crypto exchange too. Please continue reading...

The basic use of the Arbitrage Robot is based on the logic of converting the existing price difference between two different cryptocurrency markets (parities) into value. From the panel of your robot, you enter information for these two markets, one being the source and the other being the target market. At the source market, a high-volume parity should be selected, where transactions are very intense, and the target market should have a shallower market with relatively fewer trades. Your robot instantly takes the current market price from the source parity where the transactions are intense and automatically sends it to the target parity by calculating the price levels of the buy and sell orders according to the percentage of earnings you set in this setup. And once you submit your orders to the target parity, it updates these orders continuously, 24/7 with the current price it receives from source parity. If the current market price in the target parity triggers our pending order in which we are positioned for a profitable price level, the same amount but the opposite side is traded in the source exchange - instantly as a hedge position, thus the profit can be realised.

You can send only one buy and one sell limit type pending orders to the target exchange at the same time, or you can send higher orders via the Arbitrage Robot. You can even determine the percentage of profit ratio and the amount of differences that will be placed in these orders. Let’s assume that you set & run your robot to send three buy & three sell orders at the same time, your robot will take the current price from the source parity of the source crypto exchange and automatically send the orders to the target crypto exchange’s parity, as it throws arrows in the pre-determined percentage profit intervals and for different amounts. In other words, you have three sell orders in certain price ranges and different amounts above the price in the target parity, and three buy orders in different price ranges and different amounts below the price. As soon as the price moves hard in one direction as a result of a hard buy or sell, all three orders will be triggered from very advantageous price levels.

You can make instant arbitrage on different cryptocurrency exchanges with the Arbitrage Robot. For example, the same asset is trading on the https://www.binance.com/en/trade/BTC_USDT parity on the Binance exchange and the https://poloniex.com/exchange#usdt_btc parity on the Poloniex exchange, but due to the nature of the financial markets, the price differences occur every time and this gives us arbitrage opportunity.

You don’t need 2 different exchanges to arbitrage, you can also make arbitrage within the same exchange. For example, https://www.binance.com/en/trade/ETH_BTC and https://www.binance.com/en/trade/BTC_USDT are two different parities from the same crypto exchange, Binance. And, of course, the prices on the two parities are different from each other. However, your Arbitrage Robot adds the price of the third variable https://www.binance.com/en/trade/ETH_USDT parity to the equation and allows arbitrage by reducing the first two parities to the same price plan. This is called Triangle Arbitrage and Arbitrage Robot enables you to do Triangle Arbitrage too.

You can perform both crypto/crypto & crypto/fiat transactions with the Arbitrage Robot. In other words, you can trade on both cryptocurrency parities like BTC/ETH and fiat currency parities like BTC/USD or LTC/EUR. For example, it is often said that crypto prices in Turkey are very different from global crypto prices. Indeed it is true, this difference was much higher in the past, but there are still serious differences in the crypto prices between local & global markets. Turkish local crypto markets react to the price movements late. Fortunately, because this means it’s a great arbitrage opportunity for us. Let's go with an example. You can run your robot on Bitstamp a global crypto exchange on https://www.bitstamp.net/market/tradeview/ BTCUSD parity as the source parity. And you can set Coinzo a local crypto exchange https://www.coinzo.com/market/BTC-TRY parity or BTCTurk another local crypto exchange https://pro.btcturk.com/pro/al-sat/BTC_TRY parity as the target parity. You can run your robot 100% fully automated on those different markets. The fact that one market is based on the US Dollar and the other on the Turkish Lira cannot stop the Arbitrage Robot.

With the Arbitrage Robot, you can easily set the percentage of profitability. Your robot constantly tracks the price movements like a hawk and evaluates the opportunity for arbitrage immediately by trading as soon as it sees the percentage rate you set in your setup.

Arbitrage Robot works with limit type orders. Your robot positions your waiting orders at the profitable price levels. So you only buy when the price is cheap and sell when the price is expensive.

Arbitrage Robot is an advanced algorithmic trading software that enables you to send harmonic orders. In other words, when a buyer or seller with profitable prices occurs in the targeted market, your robot sends the same amount of orders harmonically and turns that price difference into profit instantly. From this point of view, it is similar to HFTs "High-Frequency Trading" transactions.

Arbitrage Robot works seamlessly, with its dynamic algorithm, in more than 10 exchanges. The fact that the software system of each of these crypto exchanges is different from each other does not negatively affect the operation of your robot. Thanks to its structure developed using advanced technologies, Arbitrage Robot works seamlessly with more than 10 of these exchanges.

If you want you can use the Arbitrage Robot, without making any trades on the source market. It only tracks the current price of the source market and sends orders to the target market accordingly. In this case, when a transaction occurs on the target exchange, the Arbitrage Robot does not perform the reverse operation on the source exchange. In this way, you can adapt a copy of Warren Buffet's value investment philosophy to crypto. You just buy when the price is low & sell when the price is high.

Arbitrage Robot is SaaS software running on Cloud Servers. Within minutes, after you purchase securely from our official site, a private cloud server installation is made by us and the access link is sent to your e-mail address along with your username and password. You can easily access the user panel of your Arbitrage Robot from any web browser and start using it immediately with the special link that goes to your e-mail address.

No technical knowledge is required to use the Arbitrage Robot. You will get your robot with step-by-step installation and user’s guide (installation and usage is just a few copy and pastes and fill in the box) and simple videos.

Let’s Continue With An Example, How Does The Arbitrage Robot Work Exactly?

You can see the order book of EOS/USDT parity in Binance exchange on the left and the order book of EOS/TL parity from Coinzo exchange on the right below. Both markets are different, but the same asset(EOS) is traded in both. There are much more volume & transactions on the left side, and relatively fewer transactions on the right where volumes are lower, and pending orders are less frequent.

So there is a good arbitrage opportunity here. We immediately start our robot, it takes the prices on the Binance exchange and sends the pending orders to the Coinzo exchange with the profit margins we set. In the example below, our robot sends one buy and one sell pending orders with certain profit margins.

Afterwards, it follows all the price movements 24/7 on the Binance exchange and revises its pending orders at Coinzo with every single change.

As soon as the current price changes and triggers our pending orders as a result of someone's trading on the Coinzo crypto exchange, our Robot immediately realizes our net profit and puts it in our pocket by doing the same amount of reverse trade on Binance, which is the source exchange. In the example above, the pending order sent by our Robot is triggered and 4 EOS is sold, 4 EOS is bought at the Binance exchange at the same time. In other words, the same asset is purchased from the cheap market and sold in the expensive market.

The Arbitrage Robot works that simply and leanly which brings ingenious success.

The Advantages and Differences of Arbitrage Robot

  Trial version

  You pay only if you use it

  Profitable Level Positioning with Limit Type Orders   Easy to Use - Just a Few Copy & Paste Processes
  Multiple Crypto Exchanges   Runs 24/7 and is Fully Automatic

  Independent of location. All you need is an Internet Connection. (Mobile, PC etc.)

 Ultra Security ... (Hidden IP Address, Google Auth, Decentralized Servers)

  With the Arbitrage Robot, you enjoy 100% fully automated trading by having the AI-backed powerful Arbitrage Algorithm behind you without any human weaknesses such as fear of loss and greed! (You Haven’t Experienced That Before!)



Arbitrage Robot is a "use first and pay later" product. We have the self-confidence to bring you a quality product and we think that you shouldn’t need to pay for any product you are not satisfied with. For this reason, we offer you a 1-day trial period so that you can use and experience the Arbitrage Robot. Please continue reading.

Arbitrage Robot is a "win-win" product. At the end of the trial period, there are no big starting payment costs for our users who are satisfied with their robot and want to continue using it. Instead, small periodic payments begin, and continue for only as long as our users use their robots. Our users can cancel their subscriptions at any time, and since they no longer use the robot, of course, they won’t pay anything after the cancellation.

Arbitrage opportunities appear suddenly and disappear quickly. However, thanks to the advanced algorithm and technology of the Arbitrage Robot, you won’t miss any arbitrage opportunity. Because your robot is already positioned with pending orders at profitable price levels in the target market. When your orders have been triggered in the target parity your robot takes advantage of the instant arbitrage by reverse trading the same asset in the source parity.

The Arbitrage Robot trades with limit type orders rather than market type orders with higher commission amounts and relatively low earnings. Never forget that, when it comes to crypto, only novices and those who are in a hurry will trade directly with market orders. Master traders are positioned in the suitable price positions with the traps they set up like master hunters and wait for their prey to approach. Your robot waits for its prey with limit type waiting orders and realizes its profit by trading without waiting, as soon as the price comes and triggers the order. Don’t forget the following words: “Exchanges are places where impatient people transfer their money to patient people.” We all know that we have human weaknesses such as patience from our genes, so let the robots developed specifically for this field do the job for us.

It is very simple to use. With just a few copy/paste clicks, you can set up and run your Robot in a few seconds. Its speed will surprise you, it will transmit its pending orders to the target crypto market as soon as you start your Robot. It will constantly renew its waiting orders and realize your profits by trading the opposite amount at the source exchange immediately when a trade takes place on the target.

Thanks to the lean usage algorithm of the Arbitrage Robot, even if a new parity is added to any crypto exchange after you start using your robot. You can start arbitrage by using your robot in this new parity regardless of the name or features of the relevant parity. In other words, your robot does not need any technical support or additional services to work in the new parity, so you will not waste time.

New cryptocurrency exchanges are constantly added to the system. Since there are many cryptocurrency parities for each crypto exchange added, the number of markets where Arbitrage Robot users can enjoy automatic arbitrage is also increasing rapidly.

If you operate the Arbitrage Robot in a way that doesn’t re-trade on the source exchange, that means that you are applying “The Value Investment Method” to crypto markets that Legendary Stock Market Investor Warren Buffet suggests. How can we determine the real value of an asset? Of course, the real value can be determined by the maximum price that those who want to buy that asset will pay at that moment and the minimum price demanded by those who want to sell. In other words, instead of making balance sheet calculations like in stocks, you look directly at the price of that asset. It is sufficient to consider a market with a relatively high liquidity and volume as a source market, and a market with a low volume as a target market. In this way, you buy at a relatively cheap price and sell at a relatively expensive price in all your trades. Throughout the history of mankind, the golden rule of trade has always been to buy at cheap prices and to sell at expensive prices. The Arbitrage Robot does exactly that. Even if the general price level of the related crypto assets declines too much, you will not get hurt or you will lose less than anyone else, and when the prices increase, you will make more profit than anyone. Because you get profit from both arbitrage trading and the general increase in prices.

For the Arbitrage Robot to work properly, there is no need for you to keep your computer on and keep watching. You can easily install and operate your robot within a few minutes with a few copy and paste operations on the Arbitrage Robot User panel. Your robot runs 100% fully automatically itself. If you wish, you can easily follow the trades of your robot from the crypto exchange accounts you are running.

As the Arbitrage Robot works in Cloud Computing Systems, users can use it regardless of their location. Wherever you are in the world, all you need is simple web access.

Thanks to the responsive structure of the Arbitrage Robot, you can use it comfortably on mobile devices in addition to desktop computers, so that means mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, laptops, and MacBooks, etc..

The systematic operation of the Arbitrage Robot is based on the decentralization principle of blockchain technology, which also underpins cryptocurrencies. The Arbitrage Robot does not serve its users through a central database or server, which allows us to transfer the security of decentralized systems to the use of the robot.

Since the Arbitrage Robot is a quality product developed as a SaaS type software and provides great advantages to its user, you can start using it at a very low cost without high installation and purchase costs. If you are satisfied, you can continue to use it at a low cost and if you think you are not satisfied, you can stop using it immediately without any penalties or commitments, etc.

You can safely complete your payment with Western Union, Bank Transfer or Cryptocurrencies(Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin etc totally 38 different coin options).

Once you buy the Arbitrage Robot, you also enter into an end-to-end training circle for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. You can participate in many high-quality webinars and seminar training free of charge regarding the use of your robot and your financial digital literacy.

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Crypto Exchanges Compatible with Arbitrage Robot

The Arbitrage Robot works smoothly with the 10 cryptocurrency exchanges listed below. You can open an account at the relevant exchanges and enjoy 100% automatic arbitrage by clicking on the logos below. By clicking the Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinzo, Kraken and Kucoin images below, we will have a bonus gift of $600 to those who open an account with our reference. To receive your gift, please inform info@thearbitrai.com after opening the account.




When you start your subscription, you will have:

  The Arbitrage Robot Usage License     Training & Question & Answer Webinars
  Special Cloud Server Updates    Technical Support
                 Step-by-step quick start:
Complete your payment by filling out the order form, making sure you choose the right package that suits you (maximum number of bots).
You will be directed to the thank you page and the setup process of your server will start at the same time.
When your server is ready, your server login information will be sent to your e-mail address along with your username and password (in a maximum of one working day).
Decide which crypto exchanges and parities you want to Arbitrage.
Log in to your panel, start adding new bots with a few copy and paste operations and let the show begin ... lol

  So is the Arbitrage Robot trustworthy?


We have developed the Arbitrage Robot based on the most advanced security parameters.

First of all, immediately after purchasing your Robot from our site, we create a private IP address for you and send it to your e-mail address with your username and password. By clicking this link, you log in securely to your robot panel. Before someone can access your server and try to hack it, they need to know the IP address, right? Thanks to the decentralized approach we apply, we prevent such attacks from the beginning. Each user's server system is completely different from each other and has no connection to each other or any other center.

After you log into your panel with your username and password, you can make your account even more secure by activating the Google Authenticator service in the Settings section of your robot panel. If somebody wants to access your account, they need to know your username and password and, will also have to physically take over your mobile phone.

All the transactions of your robot
are encrypted with SSL, that is “secure login layer” and sent to the exchanges.

For your robot to make transactions on your crypto exchange accounts, it is sufficient to create API keys from the relevant crypto exchange accounts and write these API keys in the relevant place in the panel of the Arbitrage Robot. It is important for security that the API key you create for your robot is closed to the crypto withdrawal feature. In this way, even if someone intentionally seizes these API keys, they cannot withdraw your money from the crypto market and your assets will remain in your crypto exchange account. This topic is explained in detail in the book “Crypto Security Guide”, which we will present to you in addition to the user manual and videos. Please continue reading!



Mobile Responsive?           

There is no need for you to be online or watch your screen to use the Arbitrage Robot.

Once you add the markets that you want to arbitrage and run your robot, it will work non-stop 24/7.

However, you can easily access your robot's control panel from anywhere, at any time. You can use your robot on your desktop or laptop, mobile or tablet devices without any problem, all you need is an internet connection.

The Supremacy of Robots and Artificial Intelligence

I ask you to close your eyes for five minutes and imagine exactly 200 years ago. Many jobs were done with muscle strength instead of machines. Today, you can accomplish 100 people’s hard monthly day and night work with the help of a tractor in just five minutes. And yet 100 people’s work won’t be as good quality service as a machine. Now it is time to make a decision ... Either you will be using the tractor or you will be one of the 100 agricultural workers working by hand.

So why are robots more successful?

  rocket   ... robots do not sleep, do not get distracted, do not make account errors, codes never lie ...

  rocket   ... they can follow many markets instantly (which we are unable to follow manually) and take fast action ...

  Let's face it, we are much more successful when we use technology correctly. It's time to leave old-fashioned methodologies such as manual trading. You can take a look at the graph of the rate of algorithmic transactions in financial markets based over the years. (Source: Wikipedia - Techniques for a Global Economy...)


Ready to give it a try? 100% Fully Automated Arbitrage Robot
Its Magnificent Algorithm is just one step away ... Take Action Now!


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Q. Is Arbitrage Robot an exchange?

No, the Arbitrage Robot is not a cryptocurrency exchange, it is an advanced arbitrage software that enables you to automatically trade on your crypto exchange accounts. You simply connect and run your accounts on the cryptocurrency exchanges you want to arbitrage with your robot. This linking process is done with custom API keys that you can see in your account panel in the relevant cryptocurrency exchanges. Just copy these keys and paste them into the relevant section on the panel of your robot. You can find more detailed information about API keys in the security section.

Q. Do Cryptocurrency Exchanges allow their users to use bots?
Yes, more than 90% of reputable cryptocurrency exchanges allow the free use of robots. With the development of artificial intelligence and autonomous robot systems, the usage of robots in every field of finance is incredibly common, and the cryptocurrency ecosystem is no exception. In addition, the fact that a crypto market opens its API with its users and provides the use of bots to its users indicates that the crypto market is a real market. Since volumes and depth are higher in such exchanges, individual users can make their trades at a much more affordable price level. Exchanges that do not open APIs are relatively volume-free and lack the depth between the buy and sell prices of assets. Our robot works smoothly in all cryptocurrency exchanges announced on our site.

Q. Is the Arbitrage Robot a kind of Ponzi scheme?

No, the Arbitrage Robot is not a Ponzi scheme. It is an advanced software tool that allows traders to trade in cryptocurrency markets using automatic arbitrage transactions. It does not require you or people around you to invest somewhere.

Q. Does the Arbitrage Robot promise a guaranteed profit?
No, there is no such promise. Arbitrage transactions are generally lucrative transactions. The algorithm of our robot is the perfect adaptation of Arbitrage to the cryptocurrency markets. For this reason, it helps to make great gains when used properly and suitable markets are caught. However, since each user uses it in different settings and markets, the issue of profit and loss naturally differs according to the user settings, market, and current price movements. As an example, let's assume that you are operating your robot in BTC/ETH parity of 2 different cryptocurrency exchanges and instantly converting small and small price differences into net earnings by buying from one exchange or selling from the other exchange (or vice versa). This will be an increase in the total amount of your BTC and ETH balances on the two exchanges. In other words, the number of your crypto assets will increase in quantity, but just think that Bitcoin and Ethereum assets are losing value against USD at that moment. In this case, your crypto amounts will increase as BTC and ETH, but their total value in USD will remain relatively low.

Q. What is Arbitrai?
. Arbitrai is a global fintech company with offices in New York, London, and Istanbul, offering artificial intelligence and robotics solutions for the financial markets. It also has a cryptocurrency in its name. Arbitrage Robot was developed by Arbitrai using the most advanced technologies and brought together with its users.

Q. Do I have to deposit money at an exchange address you give me to use?
. No, we never give you such suggestions, and we recommend you to ignore those who use this kind of approach. After purchasing the Arbitrage Robot safely from our site, you can use it in your cryptocurrency exchange account that you want to manage. To do this, simply copy the API key that you see on your crypto exchange account panel and paste it into the Robot’s management panel.

S. How can I use the trial version?
. Please send an e-mail to us?

Q. Do I have to have an account on two crypto exchanges to use the Arbitrage Robot?
. No, you can also run your robot on a single exchange account too. You can make arbitrage by taking value from a third variable parity in two different parities that are close to each other in the same crypto exchange. This is called Triangular Arbitrage. Of course, if you wish, you can use your robot to make arbitrage between two different exchanges too.


Q. I want to be informed about news from you, how can I follow you?
If you leave your email address at our newsletter, you will be informed immediately of all developments & news.

Q. If everyone uses this robot, will there be a price difference?
Chaos theorem is dominant in financial markets as it’s nature. In other words, prices are not stable and are constantly volatile in every market. Today, arbitrage is very common, but you can still find the same assets with different prices in different markets. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges and parities in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, even with the availability of so many markets, lucrative market opportunities will never end even if the robot utilization rate reaches very high numbers. As the Arbitrage Robot team, we constantly add new cryptocurrency exchanges to the system and increase the number of cryptocurrencies that can be traded.

Q. Where will I hold the cryptocurrency you have gifted and how can I use it?
A. You can store cryptocurrencies in digital channels such as computers, tablets, phones, web or hardware wallets due to their digital nature. You can also hold the cryptocurrency that we have gifted in these channels independently from us and transfer it wherever you want. If you have enough you can benefit from some special discounts while ordering Arbitrai’s products. When it is listed on crypto exchanges, you can also trade it against other assets too.

Q. Do I need to give you the username and password belonging to my crypto exchange account?
No, you don’t need to give the username or password of your crypto exchange account to anybody to use your Arbitrage Robot. You should never give these two pieces of information to us or anyone else. All global and quality cryptocurrency exchanges offer API keys to enable users to trade automatically. With this key information, you can send orders automatically without logging into your exchange account. All you have to do is to create an API Key on your exchange account and copy and paste this information into your robot's panel. You can cancel the API key from your exchange account at any time, in which case it ceases to have validity. Also, there is no authority to withdraw money from your account in the standard API keys you create for your Arbitrage Robot. In other words, your funds are safe.

Q. I see something called Balance Bot, what is it?
Balance Bot is a different bot to Arbitrage Robot. You can transfer your assets between your cryptocurrency exchange accounts according to the triggers you have previously determined in the setup. You can use Balance Bot with the Arbitrage Robot in perfect harmony and it allows you to achieve maximum performance.

Q. Do you provide support after purchasing?
A. Yes, we always provide fast and effective technical support for any problem you may face while using your robot.

Q. What if you don't give support?
Providing fast and effective support to our users is always one of our basic visions. For this reason, the usage model of the Arbitrage Robot is based on win-win and pay-as-you-go approaches. Our users should be satisfied with their use of the robot so that they continue to subscribe. We are always with you for the establishment of this.

Q. Since it earns so much, why do you share it and not take it all to yourself?
There are tens of thousands of cryptocurrency markets and unlimited arbitrage opportunities. There is enough room for everyone in this crypto ocean.

Q. When will I receive the product?
As soon as you start your subscription from our site, a private server installation will start and will be sent to your e-mail address with the panel link, username and password information that you will use for your robot in minutes (maximum one business day).

Q. I don't really understand these things?
There is no need for technical knowledge to use the Arbitrage Robot. You can start using it easily with a few copy and paste operations. We would like to remind you that we are with you on every step of the way. And if you want, we can connect to your computer remotely and help you easily set up or use it.

Q. What are the payment methods?
You can safely complete your payment with Western Union, Bank Transfer or Cryptocurrencies(Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin etc totally 38 different coin options).

Q. How can I submit my questions?
If you have any questions, please send them to info@arbitragerobot.com. We also regularly make question and answer webinars. You can easily stay informed on these webinars when you follow our social media pages.



I think I'm one of the first to buy the robot. They prepared my server and sent my login information to my e-mail address within a few minutes after the purchase. I connected without any problems and ran my bot with a copy or paste operation as it was written in the user manual. As soon as I started the robot I saw orders instantly on my exchange.

I have been working on technical analysis for about 10 years. I have read many books written about it, trained by the best-known technical analysts, but somehow I have not been able to achieve success in trading. When I met the Arbitrage Robot, I noticed that I read the rules of the game differently.

I have invested some amount to Bitcoin 2 years ago and made some trades. But obviously, it was difficult for me to make good trades so I gave up trading and became a long term investor known as a hodler. Unfortunately, I am quite at a loss, but for the first time, I am making profitable trades with the Arbitrage Robot since I first bought my Bitcoin.

They support everything, I received support with a remote desktop connection twice. Thanks a lot for the great support.

I have an account on all of the well-known exchanges. I watch the parity screens every day and follow the price differences between these exchanges. Even though I catch some, these arbitrage opportunities were closing rapidly, I see that is the reason for the Arbitrage Robot :)


I have used many trading bots, I can say that Arbitrage Robot is a very high-quality product among the alternatives. Most of the bots do not even have the capacity to trade, they only give signals to users. Others track the latest prices from different exchanges and if there is a difference between exchanges, send the orders. But the problem is that those bots are sending the orders from wrong price levels and usually they can’t buy and sell at the same time on both markets. I congratulate the creators of the robot, they have overcome many problems by developing a different mindset, they have no competitors in crypto arbitrage.

We use the robot to provide liquidity to our crypto market. When you want to get such a service in B2B, you need to pay serious figures, whereas using the Arbitrage Robot, we were able to fill the order books of the parities in our crypto exchange easily and safely.

I paid $2,000 for a similar bot, unfortunately, it slows down when it tracks several different parities, sends orders late, most of the orders it sends do not reach the crypto market, and eventually, the server crashed. When I asked for support, I could not get a response from anyone. I congratulate Ali Sermet Tasdogen and his teammates for offering a service of this quality, I wish you success.

I have an account in Binance, I run the robot on 80 parities, I have sent 200,000 orders in the last 24 hours. It trades at 4-5 pairs every minute. Knowing that these transactions are all profitable, it is a great pleasure to watch.

Campaign Price: Take Action!

(Maximum 5 Bots - Monthly $47)

Alternative Options:


Bonus1: Starting to Bitcoin & Crypto Guide (Worth $52) (Release Date: 30.01.2021)

You can increases your knowledge level of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from zero to hero with basic expressions.

Bonus 2: Cryptocurrency Gift Arbitrai (Worth $100)

Our company has created a cryptocurrency called Arbitrai to create its own community and online economy within its loyalty program. When you start using the Arbitrage Robot, you will also get Arbitrai worth $100. You can find detailed information about our cryptocurrency here.

Bonus 3: Q & A Webinars for 10 Weeks (Worth $500)

Question & Answer Webinars that last for 10 weeks with one-to-one interactions and you can find the answers to all the questions you are looking for. Usage strategies, case studies, interviews, and much more…

Bonus 4: Crypto Security Guide (Worth $48) (Release Date: 30.01.2021)

Each new technology brings its own problems. To survive in this new digital world, it is necessary to think like a hacker and protect our assets. The Crypto Security Guide will be the reference book that allows you to safely protect your assets.

Bonus 5: Server Installation Fee (Worth $100)

As soon as your subscription starts, a server is installed in cloud systems and your robot panel information is sent to your e-mail address by creating a special IP address for you to access your user panel.

Bonus 6: Server Operation Fee (Monthly Worth $50)

The Arbitrage Robot works as a decentralized system for security reasons. We also cover the monthly maintenance costs of the server that is set up for you as a bonus.

So what is the real value of the Arbitrage Robot?

Even the total bonuses are worth $850 without the robot itself.

So what do you think the price of such a great robot should be? $1,000 ?? $5,000 ??? $10,000 ????

What would be the true value of this advanced software, which teaches you 100% successful automated trading with algorithmic trading and where you have complete control? A high tech software that sends all of its competitors to history? $20,000 ?? $50,000 ??? $100,000 ????

Price Offer & Discounts

Let me guess what you think. You have continued reading without getting bored so far and now you want to use the Arbitrage Robot and want to enjoy automatic arbitrage as soon as possible.

Well here is my offer. You can start using your robot immediately in the trial version with a maximum of one bot limit for 1 day without paying anything to us. This offer is only valid for today.

Within the trial version, you will have your robot working on the crypto exchanges & parities you want. If you want to continue at the end of trial version, you can continue with a monthly 47$ subscripton fee so that you can use a maximum of five bots at the same time.

Sounds good, right? So do you need more bots to run more parity at the same time? Congratulations to you, a good trader always knows that he will win more when his robots follow more parity. For this reason, you can find three different alternatives, 20, 40, and 80 bots is possible.

Take action now to take advantage of these discounts! Once the price goes up, it will never go down.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I want to make another offer to you with the power and confidence of this high quality and useful advanced technology product that really does what it promises.

You do not have to pay for using our robot immediately, you can request a trial version by contacting us. In this way, you start with peace of mind with what package you want to use your robot with 100% satisfaction.

Educational Webinars!

We are aware of the importance of education so that such emerging technologies can be spread to the mainstream correctly.

We provide educational webinars about the usage of the Arbitrage Robot & training on cryptocurrencies in general. Please do not forget to follow our social media pages to benefit from updates, campaigns, and webinars.

     We have a very helpful support team that will support you 24/7. If you have any questions or support requests, please send them to us at info@arbitragerobot.com .  

destek Any questions, comments and suggestions are welcome.

   email  Panel Login Information Not Arrived
   email  Usage Help
   email  Remote Connection
   email  Technical Support
   email  And whatever you can think of...


Campaign Price: Take Action!

(Maximum 5 Bots - Monthly $47)

Alternative Options:


Basic Definitions in Closing!

Arbitrage: Throughout the entire human history, the main dynamics of trade has always been to buy an asset from a cheap market and sell it to an expensive market. Similarly, the basic logic of Arbitrage is based on this. Buying the same asset from a cheap market and selling it in an expensive market.

Algorithmic Trading: Algorithmic trading is the systematic and automatic execution of trades in financial markets, such as money, capital, and crypto markets, according to predetermined mathematical algorithms rather than manual calculation.

Bull Season:The period in which the relevant asset prices are on the rise in the mainstream. The term bulls indicates buyers.

Bear Season: The period when the relevant asset prices are in decline in the mainstream. The term bears indicates sellers.

Tulip Onion Madness: It was the first big financial balloon in history. The excessive rise in tulip bulb prices and then falling dramatically caused great turmoil in the 17th century Netherlands.

Bitcoin: Bitcoin is the world's first decentralized internet currency which was announced to the world on October 31, 2008, by the mysterious person named Satoshi Nakamoto and started working on January 3, 2009. Bitcoin is also open-source and it is the first example of Blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrencies, the first example of which is Bitcoin, are digitally decentralized digital assets that use a lot of cryptology and are mostly based on blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Cryptocurrency Exchanges are markets where cryptocurrencies are bought and sold according to free-market dynamics. There are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchange companies from all over the world.

Cryptocurrency Parities: We can group cryptocurrency pairs as crypto/crypto or crypto/fiat, such as Ethereum/Bitcoin (ETH/BTC), US Dollars/Bitcoin (USD/BTC). Each pair is also a market in itself, a special order book with buy and sell orders. For example check: https://www.binance.com/en/trade/BTC_USDT

Cloud System: Cloud technology, in its simplest form, is an online storage service that offers operational convenience with web-based applications that require no installation.

SAAS Software: Software as a Service, (SaaS) is a complete software solution that is used with affordable initial costs on a subscription basis.

Coin Shill: Praising a project with neutral and incorrect information, and directing people to invest in the cryptocurrency associated with the project in exchange for implicit or explicit money or benefits.

Exit ICO:ICO, which stands for Initial Coin Offering (pre-crypto supply), is the crowdfunding method for cryptocurrencies. Regarding the concept of exit in the entrepreneurial world, many ICO projects left the project in the middle after collecting money from their investors and disappeared with the money they collected.

Pump Dump Groups:People who gather together and make bulk trading actions to manipulate market movements (to raise prices instantly with pump bulk buy trades, to decrease prices instantly with dump bulk sell trades) and usually try to defraud each other. Arbitrage Robot is the nightmare of such opportunistic and malicious people because these price movements activate the Arbitrage Robot immediately to balance the asset prices.

Hodl: "Hodl", which has become a special term for the cryptocurrency ecosystem with a subject opened in the Bitcointalk form that Satoshi is the founder of, means to buy and forget (never sell) that cryptocurrency, not to sell even if price movements are too high or low.

Value Investment:According to Warren Buffet’s “value investment” approach, it is considered that the current price of a share is cheaper than its real value while buying and the real value of the stock is more expensive than its current value while selling.

API:The API system basically means that different computer systems communicate with each other. It is used very intensively in cryptocurrency exchanges. With your API key, you can automatically perform several transactions such as automatic trading, asset transfer, transaction history, balance information or just price information.

Please feel free to call us if you face any problem: +90 212 873 83 33

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